Streaming Video Service

A streaming video service can provide a platform
for the event organizers to broadcast the
performances live to a global audience.

Using the streaming service, viewers can watch the
concert as it happens, regardless of their geographical
location. They can enjoy high-quality video and audio,
feel the energy of the live performances, and even
interact with other fans through chat or social media

The streaming service would handle the encoding,
transcoding, and delivery of the live video feed, ensuring
a smooth and uninterrupted viewing experience. It can also
provide features like on- demand playback, allowing viewers
to catch up on missed performances or highlights after
the event.


Problem Statement

Edtech startups have encountered a challenge concerning the loading times
of learning videos that are uploaded. This issue has resulted in delays for students
accessing the content and has caused frustration among them.

Our Solution

Videos are uploaded and saved in the Virtual file server.

Related CDN is created.

Videos are transcoded for size optimization - Mobile and Web

Edge Server creation is done for more viewer location.

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