NLP based Chatbot

We have developed our own Chatbot tool where QBot brings together multiple elements for a good conversational chat. It has enabled quick touchpoints with the customers, enabling a personalized experience. It also gives the context to the LIVE chat agents so that they can solve a customer problem instantly.

These chatbots played a crucial role in delivering immediate assistance and addressing common enquiries. The chatbot implementation was tailored to enable the support team to offer help across various channels such as websites, mobile apps, and messaging platforms. It has effectively provided responses to FAQs, and guided the users through the steps. It has utilized natural language processing (NLP) to solve complex issues and guided human agents when required.



Service Ticket Generation

E-commerce and Sales

Virtual Assistance

Lead Generation and Qualification

HR and Employee Support

Travel and Hospitality

Healthcare and Wellness

Financial Services

Customer Care

Tech Stack

AI/NLU - BERT Transformer for AI / NLU Part

Backend Services - Node JS, PHP

Web Frontend - Angularjs, Javascript

Third Party Service Integration - GOOGLE text to speech, Google Speech to text

Cloud platform - Amazon Wed Services

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Connections that can
Stand the Test of Time