MindZu- Education Platform

MindZu offers math education specifically tailored for the smartphone generation. It provides a personalized learning experience through distinctive animated lessons, which are accompanied by interactive exercises and engaging game missions.

MindZu encompasses a comprehensive package of lessons, exercises, user-friendly notes, captivating games, and an exceptional performance management system. Unlike mundane teacher videos, MindZu employs memorable animations and a virtual world populated with dynamic characters, along with a multitude of game-based challenges. This approach ensures that learning becomes a serious yet enjoyable endeavor. Furthermore, MindZu covers the entire curriculum of a school year, employing a powerful and user-friendly learning method.




Student can save their own
notes as per requirement

Performance Tracking

Character-based, story-
driven learning model

Practice Exercise


Offline access

Support and assistance

Tech Stack   

Backend: Server
- PHP, Node.Js

MySql, MongoDB

Web Frontend:
AngularJS, Javascript

Native Mobile:
Android, IOS

Hosting Environment:
Amazon Web Service

Cultivating Meaningful
Connections that can
Stand the Test of Time